• The Lumpkin County Republican Party Welcomes You!

    Welcome to the Lumpkin County Republican Party! We are excited that you are checking out one of the most conservative counties, in one of the most conservative congressional districts, in one of the most conservative states of the United States! We serve as the central and unified authority and representative body of the Republican platform and policies within Lumpkin County and strive to recruit and elect qualified Republican candidates to every available public office.

U.S. Congress in Back in Session

DON”T THEY LOOK CHUMMY? Fellow Conservative: Congress is back in session this week with yet another opportunity to fight for less government and more freedom for all Americans. The question is whether they will seize the chance to show the country that they are the party that can be trusted…

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Concerned Veterans for America By Erick Erickson  |  June 6, 2016, 12:00am Concerned Veterans for America has been sponsoring The Resurgent this week and I hope you will help them oppose the Veterans First Act . Two years after it was revealed that VA employees across the country were manipulating…

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Call Senator Perdue

Rick Manning on HUD local zoning takeover w/ Mark Steyn: ‘If you just give in because you’re afraid Obama might veto an appropriations bill, then you might as well just go home and pack up the bags and let him write the appropriations bill’ May 17, 2016, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for…

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